DeepFake Videos

Edgar Allan Poe  says “Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see.” I guess we won’t believe any of what we see in the near future. You ask why? Because artificial intelligence (AI) is now able to create DeepFake Videos.

A speaker you listened to on the TV may not be making that speech in that way, or it may not be the person you see in that conversation. All this is possible with advanced image processing technology. So the line between reality and fake is getting blurry.

It is a matter of curiosity that this situation can cause destruction in the world of the internet first and then in the social life of the people!



Artificial Intelligence and DeepFake Videos

When the abuse of rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology is combined with digital technology, we can say that the information age is very close to adversely affecting this period. In other words, while it is much easier to access information, it can be said that it will become much more difficult than proving the accuracy of that information.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a technology that can automatically produce deepfake videos without human intervention.

Supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system can copy any facial expressions that may be related to a subject to a video, and then convert the data to images in another image, turning one person into another.

So Nicolas Cage can be easily transformed into Amy Adams, or Angela Merkel can suddenly be Donald Trump in a speech.


DeepFakes Videos

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel (2013). | The original version of the scene in the film. | DeepFake Videos


DeepFake Videos

Nicolas Cage Becomes Lois Lane with DeepFake Video in Man of Steel (2013).


DeepFake Videos

Do you think Merkel is talking or Donald Trump or both? | DeepFake Videos



Jim Carrey played well or Jack Nicholson? (!)

You may have seen this video on Youtube. A scene from The Shining, a deepfake video of two similar images, played by both Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey.

Some of us will even find it so realistic that the comments under the video are really amazing!


“Jim Carrey, what an amazing actor you are.”

“Jim Carrey played well than Jack Nicholson”

As can be seen from the above examples, the fact that deep fake videos are now almost flawless will create a dangerous situation in the future.

Which of the following images is Jim Carrey? Or which image belongs to Jack Nicholson who is the actor of The Shining?


DeepFake Videos

A scene from The Shining | DeepFake Videos


Another scene from The Shining | DeepFake Videos


You’re having trouble distinguishing images, aren’t you? Perfect! But the image above is just one of the DeepFake Videos created by artificial intelligence. The facial expressions of Jim Carrey were placed on Jack Nicholson’s face and these images appeared.

Now, who do you think played this role better? (!)



Which Is Fake?

Do you think Barack Obama‘s image or Donald Trump‘s image is fake?



In a survey; 40.3% of visitors said Barack Obama ‘s image, 59.7% said Donald Trump’s image was fake.


Donald Trump ‘s video was a fake! Because the speech and gestures in the video are not actually Donald Trump. It is a deepfake video based on making Alec Baldwin‘s speech appear to be Trump’s speech.


Alec Baldwin – Deepfake Videos


I’m sure many of you haven’t even noticed that Donald Trump’s video is fake. It is not difficult to predict that this situation may become even more perfect in the future.

Are we aware of the danger?

Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity? When we ask the question, we think about the smart robots that destroy us like in a science fiction film.

However, the malicious use of artificial intelligence in any field – as can be the case with deepfake videos – can threaten humanity in many different areas.

You may suddenly find yourself playing a scene of a movie that you don’t want to play at all! Who would want that?

For this reason, it is predicted that artificial intelligence algorithms, which will evaluate and analyze whether the videos are fake or not, will continue to develop in parallel with DeepFake video forming algorithms. There are also studies for this.

Because scientists are aware of the dangers that deepfake videos can create socially, and they want to take precautions despite the malicious use of this algorithm.



Black and White Images Are Colored

In addition, it can also color black and white films or change images with an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers.

Since this technology can automatically convert a large number of videos, it can be particularly useful for filmmakers or game designers who want to create detailed digital environments.

Click here to watch a clip of The Beatles band’s song “I want to hold your hand“, both in black-white and color.


The Beatles – I want to hold your hand.


Imagine that you find a black and white photo of your grandfather, who lived years ago and never met, and imagine what it would be like if it were colored. An artificial intelligence algorithm turns your dream into reality in seconds. This is the development that man expects from artificial intelligence!

My expectation from artificial intelligence; to turn human dreams free from evil into reality and to advance humanity in every field and to guide the future of humanity!


Artificial intelligence algorithms may color black and white photos and videos in great detail.







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