Artificial Intelligence Football Coach

Artificial intelligence is a football coach! Amazing, isn’t it? A non-league (Isthmian League in England) football club (Wingate & Finchley) has employed the world’s first artificial intelligence football coach. Artificial intelligence, which has made great progress in the art, will show how far artificial intelligence, which is now entering the football world, will go further in sports. But we can say that; It seems that artificial intelligence will exist in every aspect of our lives.


Artificial Intelligence Football Coach

World’s first artificial intelligence football coach and Wingate & Finchley


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World’s First Artificial Intelligence Football Coach: AI COACH

AI COACH was created by young mathematicians, scientists, and artificial intelligence experts from the Big Bang Fair technology company.

AI COACH will be able to improve itself by learning new things through trainings and matches like human coaches.

Wingate & Finchley club manager Dave Norman said that he believes artificial intelligence can be true to the basics of football and produce the right solutions.

Dave Norman insisted it would be up to the individual manager or coach to decide whether they used the information provided by the AI system.

“It’s not going to change football practice, it’s not going to take the place of the manager, it’s not going to take the place of the coach, but what it can do is support infrastructure and technological changes which we’ve seen over the last 10 years,” said Dave Norman.


World's First Artificial Intelligence Football Coach: AI COACH

World’s First Artificial Intelligence Football Coach: AI COACH



Artificial Intelligence Coach’s First Match Ended In a Draw

AI COACH determines the 11 players that the team will start to the match, the tactical lineup, and the tactics to be applied based on the opponent’s analysis.

AI COACH made its first appearance on 9 February with the Whitehawk FC match, an important challenge for the club. The match ended with a draw of 1-1. AI COACH ‘s team, which defeated in the match for a long time, won 1 point with the goal found at the last minute.

So the world’s first artificial intelligence coach, in the first game of its career, scored its first point.




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